I am thinking of breaking up but how...?

I have been seeing this guy for 3 weeks...he calls me 304 times a day and may also send a text or two. We were seeing each other every weekend but then on his birthday weekend he stopped. He said that this weekend and next he was pretty busy and our time would be limited. Fine...He is busy no big deal. But then he calls me last night and says he is working late every night next week except for his bowling night, and next Friday night he has to help his brother and law do something. I never get to see him and it will be maybe 3 weeks before I can see him again. Granted it sucks going back out looking for a guy, but I don't get to see this guy at all. Any suggestions? Do I hold out, does it sound like another woman involved? What is going on?


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  • Get out fast. I had this with my ex - he kept telling me he was busy - and it turned out it was his way of telling me he didn''t like me any more. So next time he texts or calls, tell him that he can do what he likes when he likes - it just won't involve you. If he starts begging for another chance, just hang up. You're way too good a person to be used like that.