Am I being weird? or overreacting?

OK me and this guy have been seeing each other for about two months.. were not dating but more like FWB. I just want opinions of others.. well this guy He is just amazing, He is a year out of a marriage where she cheated on him. they have a daughter together, whom I got to meet two days ago. Well today I was with a friend eating panda express at the mall, with a guy that is absolutely nuts about me, but I just see him as a friend, well then this guy I been fkn well he is divorced right? well I asked him one day "did you f*** her after she cheated?" out of curiosity. he said "no I wouldn't touch her if my d*** was on fire!" so well today at the mall me and this friend were having a great time, then I saw the guy I was fkn, he was at subway, with his ex wife and thier daughter. I freaked out and closed my panda box and said "lets go!" like oddly and fast. I felt awkward but still. They have shared custody of their daughter, and I know for a fact they are divorced because I was with him when he dropped his daughter off one day to her and then went to his place to chill. Well, am I overreacting? like maybe his daughter was crying wanting to go to subway with both of them? hmm I don't know. I don't know if maybe they were for the daughter, She wants him back I'm sure, he is an amazing guy. just the way he talks about her to me makes me think " He is never gonna go back to her!" anyways what do you think? thanks

ok well he called me and I told him I seen him, he said "why didn't you say hi?" I said "because lindsey was there!" he said, I was giving her money for Ivy and if she cared that I'm seeing someone else then she don't have to show up to take my money."
also by the way, He told his ex were dating I guess cause he showed me a text from her being mad about it. also, I have known him and his family for at least 7 years if not more. we didn't just meet up.. we have known each other forever!
also, he spoils my daughter along with his, they wear matching outfits and we do thinks together like shopping, going out to eat, going to each others place.. I figured out my own answer.. he got paid yesterday and I found out lindsey works...


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  • I completly agree with claire2007 . I know its hard to hear but he was married to her, and regardless of what he says or the emotions he shows to his ex wife, he was in love with her and his heart was broken and he does have feelings for her (but of course he's doing mind over heart, she cheated on him after all so of course his trust is broken and it'd going to be hard for him to say he has feelings for her ect. like I said she cheated on him, he wants to keep his dignity and doesn't want to face the truth.) It's only been a year since this happened and you got together with him far too quickly. I'm sorry about this but there has been cases (very rare) where I've witnessed where the rebound manages to hit a special place in the other person's heart, but that's very difficult to do, if you're going to attempt that maybe its best if you two are just friends first so he values you more than a girl who would sleep with hi, he's too preoccupied with getting rid of his thoughts about his ex by being focusing on being physically with you that he's missing who you are as a person.

    Hope anything I said helped. :)

    • I agree with you. Its just confusing, We are friends by the way, I have known him and his family the last 7 years, way before his ex met him. I am a good family friend we have been FWB for only two months, we are both going through pretty much the same things.. He talks to me about everything. He text me constantly, it is not all about the sex. we go shopping together along with going out to eat. He told his whole family were dating, but I dnt consider it that. so I don't know I'm gonna put updates ok!

    • Alright, it makes more sense and a lot better for you that you two have known each other for years. The fact that he's close with your daughter as well is also a good sign, however keep in mind to take it slow because before you guys get in a deep/serious level you need to be certain that he's fully ready for a relationship and there's no feelings for his ex whatsoever(dont go by with what.he just says because it's going to be hard for him to say it if he does) does he kno you think of it as fwb?

    • I think he knows, I always tell him "your a good f*** buddy" joking around and I haven't talked to him about what he considers it I just one day was hanging out with family and they all started laughing sayin "how are you? oh and Chad?" and all I said was "what? who is that!" and they said don't play dumb, Chad told his brother and he told everyone and they were just talkin sh*t! So why would he tell his brother? hmm its just weird and too weird to ask what he considers me? hmm lol thanks tho! :)

  • i think youyr his rebound and I think your playiong with fire to get involved with him just now. he is hurt and insecure and that's why he needs a no strings attached..he will never give you his heart or open up to you fully as he is only using you to make himself feel better..sorry I know he is prob a nice guy and prob don't even think like he is using you..but emotionally he is unavailable and you have to decide if you can cope with that..sounds like you might struggle xx take care x