Initiating texts with a girl?

Does it matter if I initiate in the beginning? I've had 3 texting conversations with this girl and I've initiated them. I'd much prefer to talk in person, but we're both kind of busy.


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  • Hey,

    You have already had 3 text conversations with this girl. It's time to transition to phone conversations. Another texting convo is not going to get you anywhere, at least not anywhere soon. Remember: the goal is to date this girl, not become a "texting buddy."

    Everyone is busy. Call her and have a phone convo. If she doesn't pick up, leave a voicemail message saying something like the following: "Hey (her name), its (your name). I wanted to call and say hi and see how you are doing. I hope you are having a good week and I look forward to hearing from you soon." See if she calls you back. Probably she'll text you. If she does text you, then call her instead of responding by text.

    If you can't get beyond texting, then you'll never get to what you really want.


    - Evan | dating advice for the 21st century | link

    • Well she lives in the dorm building next to mine. I guess you would suggest to see her in person rather than call right?