Why DID THIS girl do this? I wish she would have just told me that she didn't want to hang out anymore.

OK so a friend of mine who is still in high school (a junior), I am a sophomore in college, and I started talking online this summer. Since I did not know anyone close by, or have many friends to begin with, I asked her if she wanted to hang out some time. To which she responded I would long to hang out and she gave me her number. We texted some and tried to find a time to hang out. but with both of our summer schedules neither of us could find a time to hang out. she was really into the idea of hanging out, but then it seamed like she was pulling away from the idea, she wouldn't always reply to my calls or texts and would always be apologetic for not answering when she did. well summer ended and we didn't hang out. so a week into school I chatted her on face book and again she wanted to hang out but gave me this crap about her phone being lost< which it wasn't and not being able to use the home phone or something, just trying to avoid talking to me. I wanted to trust her even though I didn't and said please try to call me when you can. I never got the call.

NOW here come the big part. I drive up to five guys and I see her with a friend walking in right before I get out of the car. I ask myself if I should just drive away or go in. I go in. I don't know if she saw me or not, because I was texting the whole time. I wanted to let her chose if she wanted to talk to me or not. But I would bet anything she did see me because I went into the bathroom to wash my hands and when I came out she was gone with her friend waiting for the food. I looked outside and see her waiting in the car! and I got really p*ssed of but kinda laughing at the same time. I was like WTF

What the hell should I do? I hate this hanging over me. and I am not going to just forget about it. She is like a really really nice person but that was just an immature thing to do.

I wish she would have just told me that she didn't want to hang out any more.

I would really like to work it out with her.

I really don't want to run into her and have this hanging over us. I mean the reason we started talking was because I mentioned I saw her at the mall and she said I should of said hey.
I tried moving on, I had asked her if she wanted to go to a football game and she said yes. well she never called or got online. That was several weeks ago and I had forgotten about it t. Her blatantly avoiding me just really p*ssed me off.


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  • uhm well I'm thinking you're right. same thing is kinda happening to me its just, not that weird. yet. but I think you should just let it go. there's a bunch f other people out there. even if she really is a nice person, it isn't so nice of her not to call you or reply to your texts or lie. at least that's what I think.


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  • i feel exactly what yur talking about. I wish girls would just be honest with you straight up. but the reality is they won't be completely honest. especially in that situation. how many people are going to flat out say they don't want to hangout with someone? not too likely to find many people. just gotta take the hints and move on man. its gonna hurt, but its better than carrying this on longer than you have to

    • Shes enjoying the attention that you give her....and if you keep giving it to her, she will keep hurting u. why give in man....ive had it happen to me. it scars a lot longer than you think

    • So why does she let me text her, but doesn't want to talk on the phone?

    • I like to think about texting like this: anybody will text anybody....but calling them is a step further. that may just be what it feels like to me, but I know a few others that think that way