What are the chances for this guy to get a date?

Will he get the date?
How many date will he get?
Do anyone will marry him or any other think you already know?What are the chances for this guy to get a date??

Well no reply that means he will die single.😊
Okay can you please rate him how he looks?
What you think about him?
Any changes needed?


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  • Smile with your teeth on display :)

    • Like the one on profile?

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    • You have a point

    • Yes i have and i am so sad😭

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  • I can't tell because as cliché as it sounds you gotta know the person first especially with the marriage one. Like they say we all have a match in this world though you might not have found them they still there. Its all about timing and I can't say what that dude's fate will be so...

  • Well I don't know

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