Fling 12 years ago, can't get him out of my mind?

I had a fling one summer 12 years ago with a guy, who was a few years younger than I and extremely hot. He moved after the summer.

I have not seen him since, I think about him a lot. We did not keep in touch since I am married. I think he may be know. I still think of him often. I wonder if it was just a fling for him or if he thinks of me also.

Should I try to contact him?


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  • I know where you're coming from. I still think often about a girl I dated around 15 years ago and like you I wonder if she still thinks of me as I do of her. I asked myself the same question "should I try to contact her?" I decided against it. She's probably married by now and nothing would come of it except to make me miserable at the thought of what might have been. Cherish the memories you have, they've moved on a long time ago.

  • Your old. You should probably refrain from continuing to have sex. That must be a horrible thing to watch.


    The most gorgeous man alive


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