How do I not be jealous?

So I have been dating my boyfriend for over two months, and I am pretty certain that I love him and that he loves me in return. My concern is that when I have a night with a girl friend of mine he will catch up with a friend as well, though it is usually a girl-friend that he catches up with. We usually spend most nights together; not sleeping at each others place, just hanging out; so I understand that he doesn't see her often. But there is still that part of me that wants to know what is going on when I am not there. Is it just me, should I not be concerned that he sees another girl when he doesn't see me? They have been friends for a while, and I have not met her, he hasn't introduced me to her.


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  • i too have jeslous problems. and I have a friend a girl that I go to for advice and she ALWAYS says just to calm going through some problems as well with my girlfriend but its nothing like your problem..i thonk you should just talk to him about it. chances are he well say don't worry that its nothing so you have to know if he's lieing or not.or you could always go to the girl and ask her what they do. jeoulsy is the only thing that messes up my relationships so dot let it mess up all yours but also don't get stupid thiink with your brain not your heart


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