He stopped liking my pictures?

Before anyone makes fun of this question I want to say that I think it's silly that I feel this way but something my crush is doing is bothering me. Recently, he has stopped liking my pictures on Instagram. I find it weird because we've gotten a bit closer and he's starting to open up to me and express interest. I would honestly be okay with it if it weren't for the fact that he sends me messages about my pictures.
For example, on New Years Eve I posted a picture of myself in a white dress and red lipstick captioned "channeling my inner Marilyn". He later messaged me and said "hi Marilyn 👋". It bothered me but I didn't say anything about it. The next time this happened I sent a selfie to him from my work holiday party and asked him "do you like my dress? 😉" He responded perfectly... Exactly how I wanted him to. Later that night I posted the photo and he sent a message the next day asking why I would send a picture to him and then just post it for everyone. I told him I didn't think he would mind and that I was surprised he felt that way but I also added this, "do me a favor and stop looking at my pics without liking. You're acting like a hater." He then said "likes are for groupies..." Which sounds like he's implying that he doesn't want to be just another guy liking my pictures but I don't know.
Why would he be doing this? It's obviously intentional. Is it a bad sign? I know it's kind of dumb to over analyse this but I'm trying to look out for red flags because I genuinely like him. I want him to think I'm pretty and express that. Any feedback would be amazing!
He stopped liking my pictures?
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