What does a kiss on the forehead mean?

My boyfriend kissed me on the forehead and it felt pretty intimate, what does it mean if you kiss a girl there?

Lol he has kissed me on the lips before. He does this after we make out and I'm just hugging him...


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  • my boyfriend does that all the time and he was the first one did it...excluding friends

    it makes me all happy and stuff I'm not even sure why...but I feel like they do it cause a kiss on the face seems like a friend thing...a kiss on the lips seems like so typical and ends up making out...a kiss on the forehead or head in general seems like this can't go wrong, seems like a thing they do that says I care or ill miss you and stuff lol

    why else do you think people kiss your forehead goodnight haha


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  • A kiss on the forehead always means either the guy didn't want to kiss her on the lips because her face looked like the back end of a goat, or he didn't dare to kiss her on the lips even though her wanted to, out of fear of rejection. A soul-searching trip to the mirror should free you from your dilemma.

  • Well I don't know what he meant by it but I've done that a few times and it was my way of saying "I love you and a care very much about you and I want you to know I'm not going to make a move on you or make you uncomfortable". There was never any doubt as to its meaning.


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