What does it mean when a guy kisses your forehead and nose over and over?

He and I haven't talked in about a month because he got a girl pregnant.So I wanted to give him space and enough time to think without me clouding his thoughts but I saw him today. He said he missed me a lot, I said you liar just joking and he said no I really did miss you. He kept kissing my lips hard. He would kiss my nose as well. He held me really tight like it hurt to move kinda like that but then again it didn't. He said he wants to be with me but wants to give this girl a shot but he said she has a tendency of lying but she really is pregnant. But he said he doesn't want to hurt me and such like that. I just don't understand


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  • I can't really tell you what it means when he kisses your forehead and nose over and over again, but if he was with you, why is he out getting some other girl pregnant?

    I think he "misses" you because now he's in a situation with some girl who he doesn't know very well (or maybe he does, that's not the point) and he doesn't want that situation so he's going to run to you.