My sister is going out on a date!

Okay, obviously it's not my place to tell her to not date. I am worried though, especially since I found out that this isn't the first guy she's dated, but it being the first date she's told me about.

Girls, how worried should I be about her having sex with the guy? When can I reasonably start being worried? She doesn't talk to me about these things.


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  • It's great that you care about your sister and want to be there for her/want her to feel comfortable talking to you about these things.

    The thing is, this is her life and her decisions. I wouldn't be suprised if she doesn't want to talk to you about who she dates or has sex with. Most girls don't look to their brothers for that kind of support.

    All you can do (and should do, really) is to let her know that you're there for her if she ever has any boy problems, needs advice, or just needs someone to talk to---but do't be surprised if you're not the first person she goes to for these things.


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  • it depends on your sister and how she feels about the guy. are you guys close or kinda distant? maybe you should talk to her more and see where her head is at. eventually your sister is gonna have sex if she hasn't already, sorry you can't keep her a virgin forever lol. if you want to make sure she doesn't get played by this guy then make sure she has a lotta self esteem and feels good about herself, and knows the games guys try to run on girls..thats all I can say

    • The problem is, she wants to have sex, but she doesn't talk to me about sex, and I'm her older brother! so since she doesn't tell me anything, if you were my sister, and you started seeing a guy you liked, when should I start to think something is up in the sex department?

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    • It really does depend on the girl and the guy she is dating! but since you asked me, personally I wouldn't think about having sex for at least 3-4 months of starting to date a guy. but I know girls who do it earlier than that so who knows

    • First rule: the girl decides what happens and what doesn't happen.

      Second rule: always carry a condom and donot accept a NO from the guy

      Third rule: never date and drink.

      Fourth rule: know what you're doing and with who you're doing it.

      Fifth rule: accidents happen, Have plan B in the house because accidents happen on Friday evenings too.

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  • Ever wonder why younger sisters don't talk to their older brothers about these things?


  • What business is it of yours who she dates? If she's younger, I can see your concern. If she's over 18, I question why you are so intrusive.

  • How old is your sister?