How to stop feeling insecure about a bf’s sexual past?

I know the past is the past. But, i know who some of his exes are, and the images just haunt me :/ it sucks that he also keeps in contact with his exes (sparingly, but he still follows them on social media, likes their posts, etc). I deleted my social media accounts so i can work on getting over my insecurity. But, it sucks. I hate being insecure about it. I try to keep these thoughts to myself because i know he can’t change the past.


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  • How bout you focus on something else and make your partner second. You'll have less time worrying and you're bettering yourself. It's a win win even if the relationship doesn't work out

    • Aren’t partners supposed to be your first priority? Or one of them? Hmmm, yes. I have a lot of things going on in my life (I’m studying at college, have a job, and I’m part of various clubs). Maybe i should focus on those things more..

    • I'll take as many dislikes as possible lol. First off yeah your relationships are important but a key aspect in it is communication. You need to voice your concern and if he doesn't understand that then he doesn't understand your boundaries in the relationship. Second, be ambitious, not all relationships are happy endings but when you are committed to something greater, to something you can share with your partner later in life. It doesn't matter if this one doesn't work out because later on you'll find someone who'll truly understand your aspirations and abundant future. Who'll gladly give you the respect you desire and who knows you'll give it back.

      Sooo put your back in it, take a deep breath and take control of your life. You've got this, I know you do!

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