Possibly rebounding? Over ex?

3 1/2 year relationship ended because we couldn't see eye to eye. The last two weeks were great! I relocated back to my home state. 3 weeks later I started dating a friend of 4 years. We talk/ text non stop and spend every weekend together.he drives from 45 (both ways) minutes away to come see me. My ex has a lady friend too and he tells me the details of how they kiss and do oral and sleep together.. It doesn't bother me... I don't miss his calls and I'm pretty into my b/f. My question is how do you know your really over your ex? I FEEL like I am but idk... could I be rebounding?


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  • Youre over your ex when you're interested in other men (actually interested and not using them as a rebound), you don't have an urgent need to return his calls/txts, you don't care if he's dating someone else and traits you now realize that were once really annoying. but from what you're saying I don't think your completely over your ex because you jumped into dating your friend to avoid the pain of a breakup