I don't even know if that was a fight, but he hasn't called yet, should I call him?

i've been dating this guy for a month and everything is fine, we text, bu I usually call him, we have no time enough to date but when we're together everything is really cool, he's sweet and even calls me sweetheart & kisses me all the time no matter if he's with his brother, mom, friends or anyone. Last when we said we were going to the movies but he got busy at his business and couldn't close early so he texted me to said that he was busy, and I knew he was. That day I was doing some stuff at home and he left me a message at my facebook so when I went back to check on my wall he was already logged off. I called him and he said that he was mad because I didn't answer him. The message was : Hey sweetheart, how are you. that was it, nothing more nothing less. I mean is just a simple message. But he got mad because I didn't answer that so he started with this jerk attitude, then we laugh a little and he said: oh I forgot I was mad on you, I don't know why I am still at phone talking to you, I'll hang up, I just said: well hang up. he didn't. we started talking meaningless things and again: I am mad, can't you notice it in my voice and me again: well hang up. he didn't and just said, well I'll leave the phone on the desk. it sounded like he really did it so I got mad because his childish attitude and I hanged up. I don't know if he was mad or it was a joke. but OMG, getting mad because someone doesn't answer you a facebook chat message, that's stupid, can't you just think that the person is busy?... why he can't looks on the details that he sometimes leave me there on facebook and stops answering (.. I don't get mad because I know he's busy). one day he got flu and I got him Advil, got better and that night he went to a concert ¬¬, last week I bought a pizza for him and his friends after a soccer game, last Tuesday I bought beer for him, he looked happy( I don't do this so he can say:oh this girls is amazing but because I want him to be OK, I've done it for my friends, in certain way he doesn't need 2 feel that special). I am p*ssed because he never has time for a date, but when we talk the next day I find out that he went a party with his friends.. why he's so sweet if he's just not that into me. I really like him but I am getting tired. I want to call him but I didn't do anything wrong. he's making a big deal for something stupid. is he acting like that because he wants me to break up. he's 29, he should be a little mature even to stop that stupid attitude or speak out and tell me: I can't date with you because I don't want anything..or my friends are more important than you, even IT'S NOT YOU IT'S ME.

now, should I call him and pretend that nothing happened, or find out if he doesn't want any commitment or should I wait for him to call me and either say "sorry", pretend nothing happened or tell me: I am just not that into you.

I hate that he pretends that he wants to be with me but at the same time doesn't show any interest in dating me


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  • I think you should call him and ask him if he was being serious. Tell him you don't understand why he's so mad about something insignificant.

    • Hey, thank you for your response. I called him last night. I was kind of drunk(not because of this situation, I was at a friend's bday). He said that he was mad but not anymore. he said he missed me. but he noticed tht I didn't call or text him for two days. But I won't apologize for anything because I know I didn't do anything wrong. But I want to talk to him. How can he get mad for that stupid thing? so every tinny lame thing will be an excuse for him to get mad? it just can't be like that.

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