What does this mean? She's a really sweet girl and I like her!

long story short I meet this girl that was friends with some of my friends at a dance and we dance more so than just meeting friends lol but that's beside the point so I really liked her we have been talking for about 2 weeks now and tonight I sent her a text asking what she was doing this weekend she told me and then I told her what I was doing along with this " so I was wondering if you are dating anybody " and she sent me " oh no I am not and not planing on it" so I sent her something stupid my friends told me to " oh OK...well I guess that means I owe you an apology then" I really like her and want to date her what should I do sorry for being so long


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  • As lame as this may seem... just be her friend. For whatever reason she doesn't want to date you - it may be that she is not attracted to you, or just that she enjoys being single, or her parents don't want her dating... any number of reasons. But if you're friends for a while, and she realizes she likes you, that may change. At the very least you gain a friend.


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