Would you go out someone if they were leaving for college in another state in a month?

Two girls like my brother and one is leaving for college in a month a few states away. The last relationship he tried to form with a girl failed because she just wanted friends with benefits and he wants a serious relationship. He's been hanging out with both girls with mutual friends and both really like him.

The girl who's leaving in a month is his age (21) and he's only known her for a few months. The other girl is 19 and he's known her since December. No one knows exactly who he likes (not even me) because he flirts with both. The mutual friends think he likes the girl who's leaving and one of his best friends thinks he likes the other girl.

Personally, I think it's pointless for him to go for the girl who's leaving. What are your thoughts?

Nevermind, he's hooking up with the girl who's leaving. I really don't understand my brother. oh well.


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  • Bottom line- It's up to him.


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  • Hmmm.that other girl going to college will get plenty of attention from the guys in that college.

  • It is his choice, But I would say no.


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