What does it mean when a guy wants to hang out with you, but he has a girlfriend?

Almost all girls are drawn to him. He is charming, sweet, hilarious, good looking, .just an all around attractive guy! .his only flaw is that he is a hugeeeeeeeee flirt! I don't think he knows how to say no! He is the kind of guy who can have any girl he wants, whenever he wants.

So I tried to stay away from him so I wouldn't get attached (I didn't want to get hurt!), but it turns out, he likes me! He is apparently really intrigued by the fact that I am the only girl who doesn't hang all over him. He said that he thinks that I am waaaay out of his league and that he didn't think he stood a chance with me.

Then he got all mad at my sister for not telling him I was single.he said "If I had known she was single, I would never have started dating "so and so!"

.my sis told me that he was freaking out that he missed his chance or whatever.

Anyway, he told her to tell me that he likes me. Last night he asked to hang out with me. He said that he wants me to pick out what we want to do. He even asked to take me to the movies.

.What on earth is he thinking? I mean, if I were his girlfriend I would be so mad! I don't understand why he is still dating her if he really likes me. He just doesn't make any sense. What do you think is going on through his head?


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  • There lots of times when people would date someone who is not perfect for them, and they know that. Just because of the situation it is nice to have someone by your side. But there are so many times when people break up and find their perfect match right away.

    You should look and see maybe he is just a fake, lots of guys have misleading appearance at first.

    And don't be afraid to get what you want. Who cares about some random girls. Only opinion that you should care for is your family and your friends.


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  • This guy needs to make up his mind.

    He obviously likes you, and he needs to decide how he feels about his current girlfriend. Though I agree, I would be mad if I were her.

    As for their relationship, he is probably thinking about ending it, and is trying to figure out how to do that, but I can't say for sure.

    I would just give it time. Try hanging out with him, just to see how it goes.

    • I want to hang out with him, but I don't want to be disrespectful to his girlfriend! I mean, we aren't friends or anything...in fact, I am told that she secretly can't stand me! But I still would never want to hurt anyone like that, you know? =/

    • Aw yeah, I totally know how you feel.

      That's why I suggest you wait it out. Wait and see if he ends it with his girlfriend. If he doesn't show signs of trying/wanting to break up with her, I would just not get involved. You don't want to be the girl who barges into relationships, and you don't want to make him a cheater.

      If he really likes you and wants to make this work, he will. But I would recommend leaving most of this to him.

    • Okay, thanks so much! =D

  • 1.He's not thinking of the consequence.

    2.Yeah I would be mad too if I were his girl but that just shows he could do the same to you.

    3.Why he's dating her and not you because he's slow.

    Sounds like he's a typical guy doesn't know what he wants but the good thing is that you have a good understanding of the kind of guy he is. But don't think his flirting ways are gonna chance anytime soon.Just put yourself in his gf's shoes she doesn't know any of this is going on I suggest you wait till they break up,so there is no conflict in either corner. Second of all movies aren't such a good place if he wants to hang try somewhere were you 2 can talk.

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