What's it with guys and 'come to daddy'?

Seriously, wouldn't be a 57 year old man be a huge turn off?

And where is it coming from anyways? what does it give you?

And is it weird if not only your boyfriend says that to you but also guys who are only friends?


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  • A 57 year old man a turn off? Of course!

    But that goes both ways.

    Well, huh, look at my age. I can see it from the other side, through the eyes of the man.

    To me a 20yr old girl is nice to look at, just like a bird or a cat can be nice to look at but it stops there.

    No, she's not a turn off, of course, she just isn't as interesting as a mature woman. No way!

    More: when I was 19, I turned down good looking 16yr old girls because I judged them too immature for me.

    (Boy, were they angry at me ! I'm still smiling at their anger ;-) :D)

    • Ya that's totally right, I guess. But I still don't get why guys keep saying that,I'm hanging out with guys who are bout my age and I got that line 4 times today. I guess I kinda had a bad day and was complaining a lot and whenever I said sth like 'My head hurts...' I got 'come to daddy' from a guyfriend and he was hugging me. He was certainley only being nice, but still I don't get what's up with this line

    • They, were/ he was being nice but in some way he was expressing some sentiment of protective superiority: fatherly feelings. You shouldn't be hurt by that nor can you be angry because of it.

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  • I don't know, I've never used that line before.

    I'd rather use 'Come here, sweetheart/baby'.


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  • Lol I've only heard about these in movies. No guy I have ever dated ever referred to themselves as daddy

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