How do you go from the point where you meet a girl, ask her to hang out, to an actual relationship.

So I find it hard enough to meet girls and even have a basic conversation with one. So I don't see how I can even ask a girl out or even make it to the relationship point. But for when I see a girl that I want to talk to what do I do and I do I meet her. How should I ask her to hang out.


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  • I'm the same way with guys. I find it hard enough to meet them and I don't know how to ask them to hang out. The best thing to start with is to show the girl you're interested. I know for me if a guy approached me and showed interest in me I'd be flattered. It's hard to start conversations but you should try just saying hi and asking general questions to get the ball rolling. It might take some courage. But look for signs that she wants to talk to you as well. Make eye contact with her, smile and if she responds to that approach her and start a conversation. Sometimes I find if you have somewhat of a planned topic already it makes the conversation easier since you aren't sitting there trying to think of something to say. If you figure out something she's interested in, start a convo about that and she will appreciate that you're showing an interest in something she likes. As for a relationship, that will come later once you figure out out how to have a conversation. Ask her to go for a coffee or something where its not too private and you can continue getting to know each other!

    I'm not good at talking to the opposte sex either but I've learned sometimes you just have to take a chance!

    • I guess that make sense. I just get so nervous.

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    • I mean she doesn't deserve you******

    • I suppose, I just have to step up soon but, I don't know.

  • Don't worry about getting into a relationship and don't worry about asking a girl out

    What you need to focus on is carrying out a basic conversation. You need to learn to do that

    • How do you do that!!!!!???

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    • Those guides are great and all but they always make it seem so easy.

    • It's really not that hard. Trust me. I'm extremely shy and have problems carrying out conversation. But through practice, it gets a lot easier. Start with saying hi, how are you to your classmate. Ask about hw, etc. And eventually the conversation will turn to non school related

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