Being shy or somthing?

I'm a shy guy and hate it, this year I decided to change all that. I'm 23, Im in the process of getting a better job and hopefully move out, hopefully during that process I get over being shy. (Pic is from a ride I had in class, EMS student)
-how does one go in getting over shyness?
-do girl care if a guy is shy and if so do they not bother with a guy if he's shy?Being shy or somthing?


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  • Good luck!
    If you want to get over it you have to stop avoiding situations you're afraid of and you need to face them. It is not easy but it helps. Sometimes you just have to force yourself to do something if you know it's right and next time you will be more confident. You could also try to be more spontaneous. Have you heard about improvisation? There are some schools teaching it and shows. I think it is great and many people say that it helps. Even I want to try.
    Some girls like shy guys but confident guys stand out more.

    • Ok interesting never thought about improv.
      Yea I got to get more confident and approach things head on. Thanks

    • You can search for impro schools in your country.
      You're welcome :)

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  • Well I'm trying to get over shyness too.. Try to interact with people as much as possible. Not to be afraid to say stuff

    • Well I'm not shy at talking to people but I am shy at talking to girls I like

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    • Start with a hello every time u meet? Start small.

    • Lmao I'm sure I can do that

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  • What helps me is I just force myself to say anything and if she asks about it I can elaborate on it

  • Get the fuck out of the comfort zone.

  • shy guys are cute :)


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