New to Dating: How to know if the girl is "right" for me?

I am simply new to dating ( I come from a different culture) and I recently started dating. However, I feel that dating is a very shallow way of knowing someone. It's easy for the other person to choose which "side" of themselves to show you.

How can I know the essence of the girl? how can I know her passions? how can I know her core values? how can I know how she treats others? how can I feel her soul? how can I know if we are compatible?
Could you suggest me dating tips and suggestions that will deepen the connection between the 2 persons? I want to understand everything about that lady. I don't care about sex.


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  • start out by figuring out what you're looking for. the more precise you are about what you want and what you look for in a girl, the more successfull you will be at figuring out if a girl is "right" or not.

    • I am highly selective with girls. For 2 years I haven't found any girl that I would be interested in. But recently I found a girl. The thing is, I have been infatuated by her for about a month and it is hard for me to look at her objectively. I am so infatuated by her that I could watch her all day without being bored. In other words, when I ask myself: "Why do I like her?" I still cannot find a reason because I don't know her essence that well at all. What can I do in order to understand who she is? Can you give me date ideas?

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    • haha I agree. Actually, I already asked her out and we went out twice. I loved the spending time with her. However, I want to know her on a deeper level than that. How?

    • well just keep seeing her and look if it feels right.

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  • DO you care if you have sex or not?


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  • Feel girls soul? Meet her watch her eyes, get her drunk watch her eyes (observe) and listen (don't let her go down on you) you'll see more of less what's in her easily... few dates with 1 girl and u should understand it. Though if Ur charismatic u can take out a lot by talking with bit drunk girl

    • She doesn't drink. What kind of dates should I go for?

    • Clubs with lots of good looking guys, see her reactions to others, leave her for some time and watch from some different place so she won't spot u / never seen not drinking girl so hard nut for me 😂

  • With time brother. Focus on finding a girl you connect with and want to spend time with and then start getting to know the little things

    • what kind of dates should I go for if im purely interested in her personality? I am deeply interested to know the person she is. That's all. What kind of things can we do so to serve this purpose?

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