How to repair things with my boyfriend?

So last week I was very hormonal because I have some stronger birth control so I was extra irritatable especially cause my boyfriend is work 12 hours 7 days a week now so I’m not really seeing him much. On Friday he told me after work that he was going to hsngot with the guys and I got butt hurt so I told him I was gonna hang out with my friends when I really wasn’t so the next day were out and he asked me how my night was and I completely forgot about it and I began telling him this lavish story and immediately felt guilty. So later on that evening I just owned up saying I never went out I was really at home and he got really mad at me and went off. I just wanted him to act like he missed me cause we haven’t seen each other a lot but it bit me in the butt. How do I repair things?


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  • "I just wanted him to act like he missed me cause we haven’t seen each other a lot " ...
    Tell him that and explain how much you love and miss him.

    He'll forgive you. Good luck 👍

    • I did that but he says his feelings are really hurt and he doesn’t know how our relationship is going to go I didn’t want it to go down like that I thought by telling the truth would be beneficial

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    • Should I keep apologizing to him? Or is that too annoying and pushy? by the way thanks for the advice

    • No you don't need to because that becomes annoying. Just act normal and hopefully things work out. 😊

  • Be honest with him girl! Tell him that you don’t mean to sound needy, but he hasn’t been around and you miss him. Your feeling were hurt because he wanted to see his friends instead of you.

    • Do you think he should’ve gotten that mad at me?

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