Valentines gifts?

girls, what are you getting your s. o for valentines day? or what's the most well received gift you've ever given to your partner?

i'm trying to come up with an idea of what to get my boyfriend for valentines day, and i just wanted to know what other people did, and how much their s. o liked it.

guys, what was your favourite gift that your partner gave you? did it surprise you?

i would prefer to receive answers about a tangible gift, and one that isn't overly sexual, thanks!


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  • Look on Pinterest ! It helps a lot. My boyfriend lives across the world so i make a box decorate the inside and add his favorite snacks boxers, socks and he keeps saying he wants beats so Iā€™m going to add them in there. What is something your partner always ask for? Or something you know they need. Think about that. Guys are not really picky as girls just listen to him sometimes he will say what it is he needs to by himself šŸ˜


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