How to talk to a girl surrounded by her friends?

Whenever I get to see her, she's always surrounded by her friends so it would be extremely awkward to approach her and say something. She does seem into me, and I know that she has been in the past, but she's shy and won't approach me herself.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

All are welcome.


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  • Start a conversation with her whole group of friends first, come across as the cool chatty guy. After you've been talking to all of them, single her out and talk to her.

    • That's a problem, I'm a senior in high school and over the years, I built myself a reputation of that "quiet guy", the cool chatty guy would never sail for me.

    • Too bad, dude. If you want to talk to girls, you've got to. If you want to can build up to it over time. Slowly becoming more talkative to people.

    • Fair point

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  • If she is shy and won't do the first step, maybe she will arrange some moments when she is alone, as a hint for you to come talk to her

  • Stage a diversion!

    • What kind of a diversion are you suggesting sir

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    • Do I seem gay?

    • I pity the fool.

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