Should I ask this girl at the gym out?

To cut the story short, I am attracted to this girl at the gym. First time I saw her I talked to her and later asked her for her number. Next day I texted her and didtn get a reply, asked her and she said she didn't know who it was (low interest).
Months went by and we have gotten to know each other a little better because we take some classes at the gym together. I have her on instagram and we have messaged from time to time but my question is.
She has never liked one of my pics, sometimes she acts as if she doesn't see me at the gym or it is whatever if she doesn't say hi to me. I was considering asking her out to get to know her better but i dont think there is enough interest from her part.


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  • Yeah just ask her out and stop being a pussy dude. If she rejects you, then you have your answer, also when she does reject you just say great, have a good day. Stop wasting time on girls who aren't interested in you.

  • Well you have answered your own question my friend. In my opinion, you should not ask her for a date directly, instead after gym just ask her for a juice or snack which you think she might agree to and from there onwards take your conversations to another level.

    • Sounds reasonable, but sounds like too much shit for a chick, i ain't wasting time on that. But thank you 🙏🏼

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