If a guy defends you?

So today, a group of our friends were hanging out and me and this other guy from our group always pick on each other (all in good fun). We call each other names as a joke. Well, today. He called me a word that describes a girl that's easy. As a joke. And my crush right away was like "hey. Don't call her that" in a serious tone.

Later, he was talking about how he can't wait for payday and that he'll have money to take a girl out if he wants. Then he turned to me and said "would you go on a date to mini golf?" He didn't ask me out on a date. He asked if Mini golf was a good idea for a date. That's how it sounded at least. But there was another girl in our group and he turned to me to ask it. And didn't ask the other girl.

Does it sound like he might like me?


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  • I dont know about the mini golf thing, he may genuinely just be asking you, and may just be respectful to women. Are there any other signs? but im just gonna squeal cos its cute AF when a guy does that.

    • When a guy does what? And the other sign is that he asked about what piercings I had and I mentioned I had my nipple piercings and he asked to see them. Lol. Yes. Pervy.

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