Guys, How do I surprise my boyfriend?

My boyfriend always surprises me in cute ways, so I wanted to reciprocate. For example, he gave me one of his sweatshirts with his cologne on it and I adored it. I never had to hint at me wanting one of his sweatshirts, he just knew I'd appreciate it. He also surprised me with a beautiful necklace. He gave me all these surprises at school, so I was completely not expecting it. I want to do the same for him. What I don't want is to surprise him by
a) doing something sexual, thats not what I mean
b) paying for a date (we already alternate paying)
I want to do something thoughtful for him. He's also not
a) a jewelry guy
b) brand guy (doesn't care about Supreme, Gucci, that kind of things)
Thanks for your input!


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  • I've never been a good spontaneous gifter, so I can't give much in the way of that, but if you're also not very good at gifts, just let him know that you wish you were that thoughtful and you really appreciate how well you knows you and cares.
    Alternatively, you could tell him you want to do something nice for him in return and ask him if there's something he's been wanting recently, but that might not have the same feel and he might just turn down the offer. I'd say if you can't get any solid ideas but still want to do something, then do that and see what he says. If no gifts come out of it, just something to show your appreciation. It's the effort that counts. A nice dinner can show a lot of appreciation and effort; everyone loves food.


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  • I think you should do something he would be surprised you remember about like something he said a long time ago I don't know much about this kind of stuff I FINALLY got a girlfriend a few months ago but I would like to be surprised by something genuine gl!

  • if he ain't carin bout preme or gucci that ain't no guy girl

  • Threesome with your best friend


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