Why do women always stop talking to me?

I'm always very nice and polite, I try to keep the conversation going ask them about themselves etc etc and I just get left hanging right when it seems everything is going good... I don't understand it, all I can say is it's f****** heartless


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  • Do you ever go back over conversations and maybe the other person could have felt like you came on a little to strong, what types of questions have you asked? Like could they have been misinterpreted as to personal, or out of line? What type of woman do you normally gravitate towards? Like of maybe you are pursuing a certain type maybe trying a different personality type could help, age demographic, superficially, looks, color, age?

    • I never go into anything and that would either be offencive or too far, depending on the conversation I normally just hold normal conversation. Like hello how are you today, are you having a good day. Stuff like this and then just have conversations about our days

    • Hmm nothing that maybe you perceive as just a question that could be taken the wrong way or inappropriately? Like sometimes with my personality type I can accidentally come of as rude, or to nosey, or what I think is jokingly comes off to someone else offensive. Also are these conversations all messages and such because tone and inflection are lost in type.

    • None that I can think of, I generally keep conversation just that you know? I don't try to ask too much I don't play 20 Questions. If they say something about work I'll ask them about their work, I ask the questions as they come up in conversation I don't instigate any question out of nowhere. But I always tell them that is if they want to tell me, I always make sure to let them know that it's their choice and I don't mind if they decide to not tell me. I'm nice about it

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  • Because they're either uncomfortable/embarrassed by saying they're uninterested or they're just inconsiderate. Now I feel bad cause I've done this before because of embarrassment. I'm sorry.

    • General rule of thumb, we'd rather hear no than nothing at all. It hurts worse to wonder why

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    • That's a fair point. I'll think about that in the future instead of being a wuss.

    • See and I've actually done it before because of my own awkwardness and insecurities. So it could be a number of things but one thing is certain you have not found the one you will click with so don't give up or you will never find your match.

  • Bc they're not interested

  • Girls don't owe you a conversation

    • I understand this, but if you don't want to talk anymore just say it, don't just leave it from a normal conversation

    • Point and case, it's messed up to talk to somebody for a while and then just leave them hanging afterwards when it seemed everything was going good. Could at least give a reason or a warning

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