How much the girl will be bothered?

Girls, when a guy you don't like in a romantic way approaches you (real life or online), how much it bothers you and what are your thoughts when it happens, do you think "I need to get rid of him ASAP"? Or just reject him nicely over the course of few days?


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  • Well if he's comming at me and trying to make me change my mind after a rejection then i'll be like "you'd beter get the hell out of my face" if he's being nice and flirting in a nice way then i'll reject him if i'm not interested but that would be in the same day of his conffession not after a few days no thats something you should never do. To leave someone hanging

    • I strongly agree with what you said.
      But let's say he didn't confess and was hinting at it from time what will you do then?

    • Oh boy, then if i wasn't interested then i'll hint back that i'm not. But if i was then i'll just smile at his words and try to make a move or say something back

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  • Rejecting someone is something that should never happen 'over the course of a few days'. That's just cruel, stringing someone along just to try and soften the blow. Rejecting someone is as easy as saying "I'm sorry, you're a nice person, but I'm just not interested in you".

    • Let's say that he didn't confess but he was nicely hinting at it what will your reaction be?

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    • Never mind it's a good thing to reject if you don't have feelings for him

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