Guys, why is he acting this way?

There’s a guy I’m romantically involved with and for a couple of days he was acting normal and showing me screenshots of old conversations we’ve had (meaning he was rereading old texts). And saying how I was his dream girl, and the next two days he’s acting distant and weird. Why is he like this?


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  • Cause he wants you too do everything now. he already said he likes you just ask hime "I'm I still your dream girl" + a kiss or hearts.
    What did you say when he said your where his dream girl?

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    • I do but not all the time

    • So are you in a relationship with him or are you both still aka single.
      Cause if you both are still single and you said I love you than it's maybe time to take it to the next level and get together

  • Define weird? Also, did he try to ask you out? Maybe he thinks he put himself out there and you shot him down.


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