Can I have opinions on my dating life? the most descriptive one gets a MHO?

Ok so my dating life is basically girls saying
they want to tay friends
ignoring me on street/chat
or simply cooling me off

sometimes i feel so undesired that i think not even a goddamn brick would date me.
If there was a talking brick in a wall of my room i wouldn't know because the likelyhood of it staying quiet to avoid contact with me is fucking high.

well yeah right now i know a girl that likes me and my girl---friend is trying to set her up with me she is a cutie

if that doesn't work out know one thing for sure im leaving the dating for more succesfull people
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also i feel like im cursed, that every single one of the girls i liked got a boyfriend right before i did something
it takes months for me to do something
so yeah
il abuse the curse, girls if you want a boy get 50$, pay me, make me fall in love with you and in a few months you get a guy magically, I don't know it works for every girl i like


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  • Look, you're a cutie, and people suck in high school. I thought no one ever liked me and I was always super insecure. After I graduated so many guys were like "omg I liked you the whole time". People are just so stupid sometimes.

    Besides, you're going to change a lot in college too and there will be way more opportunities to meet people and try dating. So, don't give up on yourself.

    It takes time, and I know it feels like you're already giving it everything you've got and you're not seeing results and it blows. I feel like that now being single, but if I was desperate I'd be in a relationship with someone I know that is into me that I'm not that into. So, don't settle just because you feel undesirable.

    You're worth finding someone you genuinely care about who also cares for you. Don't date someone you don't really like AND don't date someone who doesn't treat you well. Take your time and dont put so much pressure on yourself. I think that's what really can hold you back is all the pressure you put on being good enough and finding someone. Just be yourself, work towards personal life goals, get to know people, etc.

    If you ask someone out and they aren't interested, or if you date someone and it doesn't work out in the end... they're just a stepping stone towards the person you're really supposed to be with.


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  • 1st of all: dont expect a girl to want to talk to a stranger on the street
    2nd of all: you need to join clubs and activities and become acquaintances first. You're 17, there are so many programs you can sign up for offered by schools or outside companies. For example i take acting classes.

  • Look it this way. Most people say that "partner" come when you least expect it. So you dont have to worry about bricks lol
    There was a time when i didn't have a girlfriend for a long period (2 years). But i didn't care actually. I knew someday, somehow i will get my darling. And now i am in a 6 years long beautiful relationship 😃

    • well look at you all handsome, look at that hellish green jawline


      well seeking love won't help her find you but i dont know
      its cursed for me
      really cursed

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    • I know.. Seen those.. People change as they grow up, so will you, so will he. Just try to stay on the good side and you will have my and many more peoples respects.

    • i will ! for sure

  • It's high school, and just like in adult life promptness will often get you more results than waiting on yourself to get comfortable enough to ask someone out. Especially in high school, there's a one in a hundred thousand chance you'll find anyone that's willing to wait a long time before their crush asks them out.
    You might have good sense for people and that's why all your crushes get boyfriends before you can ask them out, it's just unfortunate that it takes you a long time to.
    Key is to be confident in yourself or project your most confident self, and be comfortable with who you are.
    Also if a girl rejects you, it's not you. They're just being truthful and not seeing you being together. And you deserve someone that likes you back.

    • I can look into a humans eye and see their personality, its something my father taught me how to do, i never manage to lie to him he always knows what it is

      that trait basically connects me with a girl i kinda like because i "predict" (sometimes not so accurately but most of the times spot on) what their personality is like

      and when i imagine her like that i feel like i know her for a while and thats the problem
      i get feels and she doesn't
      i moved on from her but its funny how she looks away and avoids making eye contact with me which she willingly smiled to

    • Whoa there my dude, you won't get to know someone till you talk with them for a while. Sure it's nice to imagine what it's like to know them for a while and what traits they can have, but it won't be reality. You both gotta get to know each other.
      Focus on making friends with them first so there's trust between you both and then you can ask them to hang out and go from there.
      But you gotta avoid getting to know the person without them knowing you too.

  • Girls saying they want to stay friends doesn't technically mean its your fault. You may just happen to run into girls with the intention of friendships. You're 17 and thats wayy too young to even think about giving up on relationships already since most people dont even try to date at that age. Don't put too much pressure on yourself trying to get it right. You'll be more desirable if you're a great guy. Dress well, be charming and learn to be confident and funny but at the same time dont EXPECT a girl to not cool you off. Try to be develop a good friendship with that girl, talk and hangout together.

    • yup im more of a stalking guy

      i have connections that have connections that fetch valuable info like a lollipop from a baby
      its amazing how well supportive my new friends are
      they also offer to help me out
      (i avoid looking desperate by all means)

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