Who should I ’date’?

So there’s this guy in my school I was attracted to by four months (he’s very handsome, but I don’t know his character, I only know him from looking). We was looking at each other often, but then I was on a winter holiday camp, and met one, precious and amazing guy (who goes with me to volleyball and all my friends) who was flirting (for example: I’d better have a tounges fight [with me]) with me and I flirted with him! We hugged each other once, he was doing everything, I guess, to make me laugh, he copied my movements, he was so annyoing, but then he apologized! (He’s probably attracted, isn’t he?) Who should I leave, and who should stay? :’( (btw, I’m very often looking at this guy from school, so..)


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  • I think you should go out with the boy you feel like you know more about. Based on your descriptions, I would believe you know the boy from camp better, as you've had some interactions with him, whereas for the boy from school, well, you said you don't know his character. So to answer your question directly, I personally believe the boy from your winter camp would be a better option.

    • I’m going out with the boy from camp and my friends at weekend, so maybe I’ll know him better, hug him and maybe he’ll make me laugh, like always, and flirt 😁

  • My theory is if you have to decide between them than neither are worth it. :)

  • Why not try the guy from school and then if it doesn't work out, then the other guy

    • But I don’t want to waste four months, or more, again for this boy..! I mean, he was rude and naughty for me, sometimes he was looking at me/staring, but sometimes I can’t get him off my mind, even when I’m trying to think about guy from camp..

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    • then go for the guy at the camp. I feel that you just answered your own question

    • Oh, well maybe haha but I wanted to hear others opinion

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