Any ideas how can I get a girlfriend?

I never had a girlfriend and I’m already 25 because from my teen years to early twenties I focused on getting a better life for me and my family. Also, I noticed that relationships consume so much time that could have been used to improve oneself. Right now, I have a beautiful house and lot, one sedan, one sports car, engaging in business (my career), studying law (planning to finish my engineering then lastly take medicine), a pet Persian cat, and making 5 to 6 times higher than the average salary of my age while not even working because I’m self-employed so I have so much time for myself, I can even stay at home all day. Problem is, I do not have a girlfriend. I had flings before and there are plenty of girls who find my attractive. Just, with all honesty, I am very inexperienced about this. So guys and girls, what are your ideas on how can I get a girlfriend who I can marry one day?


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  • I'm going to tell you like I had to coach my close friend before she found her husband. Get your priorities in order. It's good to focus on bettering yourself. But when you're looking for a 'marriage partner', you have to know THY Self. Because you are who you attract most of the time.

    You had flings before. That's going to work against you if your not a virgin. Because now you're saying you WANT MARRIAGE. And studies have shown those who had premarital sex have a high risk for divorce. YOU have to get this straighten out first if you expect t have a successful relationship leading to a successful marriage. It's going to be hard. Now since you didn't go into detail about these 'flings', I'll leave it for you to figure out what you know about marriage. You have to understand what it entitles and the sacrifices you will have to make as equally as the person who also desires what you do. Especially concerning sex.

    You need to know what her faith is, values are, her beliefs, principals, morals, etc. You cannot play games thinking it's all about physical attraction, fun and games, having sex before marriage, etc. Because if you already think it is, then your best to just either stay single or don't get married. Especially if you aren't willing to put your home, career, finances, and all of your material possessions at risk, OTHER than your mind, body soul, heart and most importantly, your dignity. Because you have to many women who ho around because they assume that all men what that. And fail. And it's because they fail over and over again, they now grow resentful, and spiteful, and sadly often times lacks forgiveness. How can they love you when they've been messing around with many and can't even know who they are themselves? Think about this really hard before you ever think about stepping foot in dating. Let alone modern dating or marriage. You don't want to rush into anything your not prepared to jump into. Start out as friends first. Get to know each other for a while. Express your interest, desires and, intentions. But don't lie to them. Don't make promises you can't keep.

    The problem also is that if you didn't take things seriously before, it's going to be extremely difficult for you to do so when you date or get married. Other than that, if you have further questions, you can reply back or message if your able.

    • I copied your opinion and put it in my phone for future reference. Thank you SO MUCH. I didn’t expect that. You are right. I am very glad you took time to give me your opinion. It’s so important right now. :’( I feel guilty already because of my past flings and I regretted it but fortunately I still have my virginity and I will save it for marriage more now after reading your opininion, it’s the best idea, really roght on track. I needed this advice the most. You’re amazing. I will hold on to this. :’) Thank you thank you thank you! :’D Please stay the same and never change. The world needs angels like you, you’re very rare nowadays. I just lost my path before, playing, I had enough and I wish I can find a girl like you, amazing. May God bless me wish such a girl. Thank you.

    • You very welcome. Draw nigh to God and he will draw nigh to you. That's what you got to do. Heed to his instruction and you will find that wife. Remember, he who finds a wife finds a good thing. :)

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  • The most important thing you can do is make sure that your work and schooling don't take all your free time, and become the main focus in your life. Many relationships and marriages fail because people put too much focus on their job at the expense of their family. Talk to family and friends for a honest opinion of the things you need to work on to be in a relationship.

    • Amazing advice. Thank you so much. :)

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  • Don't search a girlfriend from the internet, instead travel around different countries. Because let me tell you every ethnicity has its beauty, and not all the women act the same way.

    Maybe you will find your future wife while traveling ^^

  • I'm having a hard time believing you're going to study law, medicine and engineering. Pretty much a waste of time. Most likely you are a basement dweller with fantasies.

    • It’s very sad that it’s hard for you to even believe it while I’m already doing it in real life. The requirments for me to be happy is low because years ago I came from a poor financial status, from this, I use the money now for my education, it’s like my hobby - to go to school, while I am already earning simultaneously because of business. I will not say something insulting to you like your rude assumption of me, because, well, we are different. I just hope you see more of yourself and the possibilities you can offer yourself if you just... believe. Also, my plans in life that I wrote is just plain basic, anyone can do it with time. I cannot even define it as a “fantasy” like you said. So sad.

  • Finishing engineering? On Coursera?
    Anyways... if you own your own business, go to networking events and meet other successful boss ladies.

    No other way to get your feet wet but to get them wet. Hope that makes sense...

    • University not online. I already finished 2-3 years of it before I started in business so might as well finish it after law. I went to such events before and I did not see anyone near my age, they are usually 35 to 60 years old. I go to college, is it normal for me to go with someone who is like younger than me? If so, how many years younger? Just there are times they are 18 year olds and it seems a bit creepy and strange to me. But my parents’ age gap is 10 years and they are going to celebrate their 30th anniversary. So what’s your opinion?

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