Girls, could you date a guy that wears a hairpiece?

Say go out with a guy and on the 5th date he tells you he's actually a bald man and is wearing a hairpiece.
Would it make a difference to you, would you break it up?


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What Girls Said 3

  • No, it wouldn’t be.
    Baldness in a guy is normal just like in a female.

    • Just because its normal doesn't mean girls find it attractive.

    • Well of course it isn’t attractive but what can he do?
      Is like when guys don’t find smelly vaginas attractive what can a female do?

    • He can wear a hairpiece and make it look like he has hair. Just as girls wears pushups bra to make it seem like they have a decent size only that it would never come off

  • I would have to laugh hysterically and if we both laugh then sure it would be ok. But if he doesn’t laugh.. nope got to go.

    • I guess that's fine. As long as you don't mind him laughing out loud on your insecurities

  • I'd rather just date the guy bald! I love bald men !!


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