I texted my ex, got no response?

Me and my girlfriend broke up about a month ago. It honestly ended Horribly. I think she had to be mad at me in order to try and move on. She told me I wasn’t making her feel valued and loved like I used to and she felt like the man she met wasn’t there anymore. Since we broke up. I’ve seen her quiet a bit. We go to the same gym and go at the same time. I spoke to her for the first time about a week ago for like 2 minutes. It was good I guess. Kind of awkward. Before then anytime I saw her I didn’t look or even acknowledge her. Cause she broke up with me. I have a close friend who says she talks about me still. Her birthday was about a week ago. And when I texted her happy birthday she responded once. Very nice saying. “Thank you it really does mean a lot that you remembered” she blocked me on social media. I still am blocked. I think she couldn’t handle seeing my snap stories or posts. I texted her last night just saying I was thinking about her and wanted to reach out, that I hoped she was doing good and her new job was going well and that her and her family are doing great. But I didn’t get a response. What should I do? I’d like to try and resume things with her. I thought I’d wait for her to stop reacting out of emotion and start using logic. And recently it’s felt like she’s making an effort to show her face around me. But she didn’t respond. What do I do?


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  • Well... first thing, she got to expect less things from fairytales in real life.
    Secondly, you have to continue being that nice and remember things. And if its true what she said, to be back to a man she met. So, work on yourself, decide or adapt. Once you do, face her and reveal yourself.
    Dont take this personally, i dont know you or her, its just an opinion.


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  • If she was interested AT ALL then she wouldn't have blocked u. Move on, u clearly were not good for eachother.


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