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A girl with long, soft, warm brown/blonde hair, a small lookin nose with a bump on the bridge (narrow from the front, long from one side), big medium brown eyes, full lips, tan/caramel brown skin, is beautiful? Would you notice little things like dark circles and her nose bump if you think she’s beautiful?


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  • That’s pretty much how the girl I like looks. I find it beautiful

  • That's oddly specific. And if I'm interested in them, I observe them, actively try to notice the small things.

    • I’m describing my best friend, who looks just like that, but she is struggling with her confidence. All the guys hit on her, but she can’t see her beauty just because she’s never had a boyfriend.

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    • It's real hard to give a productive suggestion. I've never really dealt with anyone like her.

      All I can say is, wait and see. A psychiatrist could help, but someone who doesn't just deal out pills. That's a legal drug dealer.

      Maybe hang out with her and try not to converse about beauty, outright avoiding it. Maybe.

      Suggest writing to her. Start with something small and then maybe short stories. Hopefully she'll write her frustrations out.

    • Thank you for your help. I will try to distract her from it

  • No it's part of the character, makes her special


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