Why is it still nervous? Why does it have to be like this? Help?

Firstly, I want to say when I met my now boyfriend he told me this was his second date ever (when we met) . He is such a nice guy... I can't with him he makes me so happy and I really like him. But I don't feel pretty enough for him, so with that said. I don't have the confidence or the will power to give a kiss or initiate anything except for a hug. We have a lot of silences of where we just don't talk. But he seems to like me a lot. He sent me a heart today in text. He's a shy fella, is a gentleman, holds the door open for me. He always seems so nervous and anxious around me. We met online, he reached out to me. We still haven't kissed or anything, I really want too but I am bad at making decisions. Is this normal? Will we eventually get comfortable with each other? We only get together once or twice each week. How can I kiss him w/o being nervous... Also I have another question. My sister and mom are drop dead gorgeous, and I am on the other hand am super chubby/fat. My sister has a great body, and gets all the attention in the family. There's so much prettier girls out there that he could've easily gotten. Why does he like me? He told me he loves everything about me. He's so amazing, he's wonderful. My sister has big breasts, and is slim where every guy flirts with her... and I feel unconfident and my self esteem is low whenever I am with her... cause nobody gives me the time of day. She always gets complimented. My grandpa called me pudgy and he said "my god look at your belly and arms" And "Outta put you on a diet" and then walked over to my sister and said "You always looked good" then told my brother the same. You don't even know how much I fucking try to lose weight and it doesn't work for me... I will never be good enough for anyone.. Why does my boyfriend? I feel like he won't like me after he meets my sis.


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  • It sounds like you got a REAL guy, trust me there are a LOT of us out there who doesn't always look at the outward appearance, we care about what's on the inside, but we're also the ones that always get "friend-zoned". Thank you for deciding to take a chance with a nice guy. Anways, to get down to it, he doesmt want any of them, most "drop dead gorgeous" woman only care about appearance and give nothing to the actual RELATIONSHIP, and that's not what he wants. He wants a true loving relationship that only you can give him. Now as for the shy demeanor, yes its natural and it will subside eventually, however you should try to make a move. It dirsnt have to be big. Kiss him on the cheek, that's a great place to start, I promise it'll get better.

    • I am so glad I got an amazing guy, I have been fucked over before by men. But I caught a good one <3 He always asks questions but never just answers them which is amazing. Thank you so so much for your advice, I will just do it and not think about it. :)

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    • Thank you that definitely helped me out :) So he seems like a great guy?

    • From what I gathered, yes.

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