A drunk night happened and now he's just staring from a far. Does he want to talk?

We're friends, and no we didn't hook up. We cuddled, he went in for a kiss and I stopped him. Now it's awkward between us. It's not that I dont like him, I stopped him cause I didn't want to get hurt. What if we kiss and he regrets it the next day you know. can't let alcohol ruin my feelings. But Now when I see him and he's just staring from a far.. what is this? We haven't talked about it yet. Should I ask him if he wants to talk about what happened?


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  • Ummm you rejected him lol, if you kinda like him then explain to him and see what he says. Otherwise he'll probably never try again.

    • Lol i tried so hard not to use the word reject. Omg sounds so harsh.
      Yes I do like him but we were both drunk. Can't take advantage of a drunk guy. How should I start my explanation? Should I just straight up say I like him. Then explain things? He already told me he likes me, but it was when we were drunk.. so i dont know if he was forreal

    • Yes he was foreal. He was already thinking it, alcohol just made him say it. Yes just explain to him and be honest. It'll make things go way smoother.

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  • Letting him know you want to talk might help to clear the air, that you didn't want alcohol run things, and that you didn't want to get hurt. He may have developed feelings for you, which will complicate things, or even make reconciliation of the friendship not possible. But it's worth a try. Chances are, you both can work out an understanding and be friends.

  • Yes because when a woman rejects a man for a certain thing that means he tried like he already did what he was supposed to do. It's on you now!

    • So I should go talk to him about it then?

    • i think yes. you seem attracted to him in a way. so yeah go for it.

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