Chase her tonight or just leave it till I get drunk?

Been texting this girl I like for about 2-3 months now, I work in a night club and she's in at least once a week usually more, always talks to me when I'm at work, and we were texting pretty much everyday till recently.

I heard from a friend who is friends with one of her friends she likes me so I was pretty sure she was interested. I text her yesterday but got no response she came to my club not long after we opened up and said she was going to reply but thought she'd just come see me instead as she was in the town.

She was in my club later talked for a bit then she went home, I text her later on but never got a response so I figured she was probably asleep but next day still no response which is weird as she normally texts back at some point the next day and up to now hasn't done so.

I'm out myself drinking tomorrow and I know she is in the town as well, I intend to get very drunk and will more than likely finally tell her I like her. So basically should I worry about the sudden lack of contact and should I text her now , tonight, and do you think from the little info above she's interested enough for me to tell her tomorrow night ?


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  • Ive went through this

    all I can say is that you should text her call her or anything but you should make a move

    cause this is the reason I told this guy I didn't wanna talk anymore

    i just felt like I was doing all the moves and it sucked that's the last thing a girl wants to do

    and even so she's may be playing "hard to get"


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