Is it wrong that I don't wanna have a kid but at the same time am happy about it?

So my girlfriend had a miscarriage but some how the baby survived it... the doctors can't explain it they will be telling us in 3 weeks if everything is OK with the baby. Here are some reason I am happy about having a baby. 1. It's a girl 2. I have my own family. 3. Am even more closer to my girlfriend. Here why am not happy about it 1. It means my life is over and am still young 2. we have had some very bad luck late apartment burned down and we lost our new apartment so currently staying with for $1500 a month. 3. We can afford too take care of ourselves but not a kid. 4. I have been stress since finding out about it since we were told we had S miscarriage. I spent all of my time stressing and looking for a new Job to the point I have had a headache for the past 5 days. I did manage to get 3 Job interviews at really good jobs but if I don't get then we are ducked. So very worried we won't be able to support our kid and also sad my life ending now. Am I a bad person for feeling this way? Also we lost twins 7 months ago which I really really wanted them more then anything so I don't Known why I feel this way now.


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  • These are natural feelings. It’s a big responsibility but you sound up to the challenge.

    Prepare for the job interviews. Be positive and go in with the mindset that you are right for the position.

    Congrats Daddy!

    • Thank you she's due July 4

    • Sounds like she's ready to make her way into the world. Best of luck!

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