Confusion regarding a girl I like. Not sure what to do? Please help?

We've known each other for 4 years and share a common friend circle. But we started talking more in the last 1 yr. She has a guy best friend in the same circle and he's my friend too. Everyone else thinks they are dating, I used think the same thing. But in the past six months weird things have been happening. We hit off really nice. And she used joke around about us kissing and dating. When we sit together, she points at random people and says "They must think we are dating".
One day I was texting on my phone for a while and she was continuously trying to catch a peek as to what i was doing. She behaved pretty weird later on like making weird noises, shouting weird stuff, talking loudly etc. She even used to compliment me everytime. Slowly I started liking her too but with everyone saying she and her best friend are dating i always get confused because they are indeed pretty close. Now she says that her father wants her to get married (arranged) and our friends keep saying that it must be her and her best friend.
One I mentioned that to one of our friends about how i think that i met a cool girl and that i i got her number, she was there listening to us and she got really pissed and things have been weird between us since that time. She doesn't even respond to my texts properly now. But she git concerned when I got sick recently, she replied to all my texts immediately and gave numbers of doctors.
Just recently few of us met, she was there and all of us were cracking silly adult jokes and girls pretended that we were being vulgar. So I joked that "where are the girls", pointing at her and another girl. She shot back "that's why you're single". I kinda felt offended.
She's a flirty girl but now talks to everyone properly except me nowadays.
All this confusion regarding her best friend and now the added marriage confusion is making me mad. Can someone please help? I don't usually ask online but i just don't know what to do because i like her too.


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