I wanna get rid of this "BEING SINGLE" feeling. If any girls feel the same then tell me?

I'm a shy guy and I don't even chat with my class girls on facebook. I really wanna talk to some girls but can't do that. I'm getting distracted from everything because of this feeling. Can anyone help me out from this?


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  • The "BEING SINGLE" feeling is only temporary. Do you want to get rid of it? Go out and interact with lots of people. The mall, park, club, etc. You'll surely meet all types of people as there's plenty of fish in the sea!

    • I told you that I can't even talk to my class girls. So it's hard for me to meet new ones

    • I know that. But that's an excuse. Get out there and start talking to new people and girls. You can honestly start with the girls in your class. If you fail when you start then that's fine. First comes failure than success.

  • Get some balls man !
    The baby that doesn't cry won't eat !
    The same aplies in your entire life !
    If you want something do something about it !

  • I feel ya

    • Great!

    • Thanks
      But how can we send personal messages in this app?

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