Am I overreacting in this situation with this girl?

So weve know each other for 3 months. We went out on a handful of dates and really hit it off. So long story short we hooked up and had sex a few times. We had a talk about what we are, and she told me a couple of her friends think were a couple but she said its awkward because were not. I asked her if were together and she said no, but im the only guy she's talking to.

Whenever we hang out we hold hands, and do everything couples do, even cuddling after sex. Shell always sleep over too whenever she comes to hang out. She told me she cares about me and that she likes me but i really dont know. Whenever we hang out everything goes well, but once we part things just feel weird. Like who texts who first and silly games like that. Were both full time students and are busy but i still have this weird gut feeling whenever im not with her.

I told her i ld like to do me during the week and see her in my spare time and on the weekends, but i feel like i have to be the aggressor most of the time. Shell text me first a few times but i do it more. Obviously i like this girl a lot, But i feel like if she doesn't see me as relationship material then why should i sell myself short?


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  • Overacting is not the best way for you to get a women


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