On the day we met we had our first night together. He was my first man. I get so involved to him?

We first met by chance. We went home. We kissed and some more things and then he is not interested to see me again. I am always ask him to meet but he is not. During kissing, touching and he tried to make sex but I was dressed he always stopped and i asked him why do u stop? He said tired some times. Actually guys get tired during sex or he is not interested?


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  • as for sex, he shouldn't be annoyed by you having preferences in sex, he sounds like a poor lover.

    he's also not responding generally. he's not interested. definitely sounds like you can do better.


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  • wtf? sounds like he's just not interested enough. better move on.

    • How can I make him interested in me. It’s very bad feeling to feel like I am refused by him. I don’t want to feel that.

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    • Yes , you are right. Thanks for advice. It really helps me.

    • You're welcome :)

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  • Not interested

    • Is it annoying to ask him during sex to stop touching my boobs or laugh when he touches some parts ! I say stop but I didn’t mean it cuz I only shy. But he get angry and stops a while and start again.

    • Why wouldn't you want your boobs touched during sex? That'd probably get annoying yes.

    • It’s my first time that’s why i feel shy. How can I get him interested to see me again!

  • I don't understand the question

    • The question is in the details

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    • Seems like you only wants you as a fuck buddy.. do your self a favor and drop him. by the way he told the truth, he is not addicted, he just likes being stoned all the time.

    • It's not anything you did, he just doesn't want you but for sex. Besides a guy who stays stoned all the time won't amount to much of a man. Go find a real man, that has greater ambitions, treat yourself right

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