What does it mean when a guy says he likes you but is still searching on the Internet website?

We talk every couple of days, have gone out on a couple of dates and I know the chemistry is there but he still wants to look everyday.


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  • It means that he has doubts and he doesn't see a certainty of anything happening between you.

    • Thanks and do men always need to be certain or doubt free?

    • Not always, he's possibly just had some bad experiences in the past that have left psychological issues with trust.

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  • Tell him you'd like to give something exclusive a shot with him, but if he wants to keep searching then you'll do the same thing. No tears for spilt milk they say.


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  • Did you meet him online?

    He's not ready to commit to you yet...still searching for something better

    • Yes I met him online and we talk daily. there is a distance between us but sometimes I feel we are just not coming together