Where do I take her on first date??

Hi!...I MET A GIRL at a music concert, danced with her for 2 hours, then got her number..3 weeks later I text her asking her if she wanted to hang out..she responded yes, and I texted her telling her I would call her tomorrow about hanging out...SO WHERE SHOULD WE HANG OUT? WHAT DO I DO?please help! thanks!


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  • awww that's really cute by the way. oh and also it took you 3 WEEKS?! to text her back. But neva mind ummm take her somewhere simple and special like I don't know for a picnic in the park or somewhere you can just talk and get to know each other. Bowling perhaps? Not the cinema you won't be able to chat. But as your just getting to know her go somewhere you can talk and get to know each other. Then you can decide if you like her and carry on from there.

    Hope it helps! :D Gd luck on your date!

    luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve me! :D


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  • Take her out to dinner. First dates are all about getting to know each other. If you feel to shy and feel like it will be awkward take her somewhere, where you guys can chat and know each other more. Hope this kinda helps.

  • Why did you wait 3 weeks?

    She likes music. Take her to an outdoor concert


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  • What ever you do man... don't take her to a movie. movies suck for a first date because it's harder to get to know a girl when you're in a dark room where you're not allowed to talk, just sitting there for 90+ minutes... Do I need to continue? Yeah save that for the third date or later.

    Coffee is actually a pretty good idea. As is just about any restaurant. You want a date where you can talk, and get to know her. Yeah you want a date where you can talk. Maybe take her to like some place to play skeeball or air hockey or something. Maybe pool. A game that you can just horse around in. Maybe a walk in the park. With a walk in the park it's great, because It gives you opportunity to just play, and talk, maybe get in close and snuggle up.

    This stuff is easy. Start seeing movies when you have been dating a few times and you want to do something quiet, cheap, easy, and low key. Something where you no longer need to talk too much. in the mean time, you want it all to be romantic or at bare minimum you want it to be social. Keep it that way.

    Anyway good luck with this.