If you happen to be in a casual relationship with a guy/girl you like, how often do you see each other?

Taking into an account that is not a serious relationship so it is not that you have to see or get in contact to each other super often but you still are friends. And by casual relationship I dont mean sex (sex could happen or not happen during a casual relationship, just if the mood between each other is there for that to happen) but you can hang out and go to eat, and so social stuff together and have fun. still.

If being in a casual relationship in your 20´s or 30´s the same as being in a casual relationship in your 40´s and mid 40´s either male or female?


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  • When I was seeing a guy without labeling it a relationship, we saw each other maybe once a week or once in two weeks. Just whenever we felt like hanging out. I don't think we even talked everyday even though that did happen more frequently than once a week.

    • What if this guy you mention lets say since you were not serious told you that he no longer wants to contact you anymore, even if you were like friends. Would you have stopped seeing each other?

    • I mean but you were casual at least

    • Did you by any chance have sex with your casual partner on ocassions or never?

  • Depends what you are waiting from that relationship. You should be together always that tpu feel the need or be happy to please that need from the other person.

    • Like I said casual

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    • Any reply to that text?

    • about me suggesting to go to the spectacle? Not yet as I just texted him that last night about 10pm anyway. But the spectacle is until mid February and it is going to be shown in several dates for 2 weeks starting in feb

  • 2-3 times per week

    • and since it is casual is it like normal or usual or it can happen that the 2 people could get in touch with each other like once a month and even see each other like one time a month or 2 months, beacuse they are not really in a relationship but they are friends.

    • If it is not long distance relationship, once a month is too rare.

    • is not long distance beause the 2 people lives in the same country but in different cities but the cities are not so close but not so far away either

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