I know all men are the same (sort of) but how do I tell a pastor I'm Interested without making obvious to church members?

And without taking his time away from people who may really need him for counseling or something impletant at church by going to his office.

How do I get him to pursue me

It's not my home church so I dont want to take his time while he's at work to flirt when he's really busy on weekends

As a pastor would it be weird to slide in his DM when he post something without being thirsty like the females that are interested.

He doesn't date members ( which is smart) but like I said before, I visit often... which means it's fine for me right?

I just want to be grown about it and have us get to know each other... nothing crazy

Disclaimer: He is not MY pastor.


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  • If by all men have a penis, you're right, we're all the same (well, that's not entirely true for all men). If you want to show interest in your pastor without it being obvious, make your interest known when parishioners aren't around, and don't make googly eyes with him during service when anyone can see you. Just keep in mind, he may have taken a vow of celibacy, in which case he probably would prefer to avoid temptation.

    • Yea I have a vow of celibacy too... so it's fine lol

    • Well then, nothing to worry about! Just don't be flirty or suggestive and you should be fine.

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  • You visit often, doesn't that technically make you a member?

    • No it takes paper work and voting to transfer. I'd have to transfer out of my home church.

  • Invite him for a coffee.

  • Holy shit you Americans are totally absurd😂😂

    • How is this an American thing? Europeans have gone to different churches to pursue clergy plenty of times.

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