Guys, Please help me out, what could he be thinking?

long story short, i have a big crush on this guy i use to work with and i use to look at him all the time, like staring. He obviously noticed and he responded by staring back at me, later on i even started to notice him staring at me when i wasn’t looking at him, and everytime i catched him doing it he would turn away really fast or hold my gaze.
my friend told him that i like him, he has a girlfriend, but still after that he continued to lock eyes with me all the time, i added him on facebook and no response, i don’t work with him anymore but i actually saw him at the train station (we had not seen eachother for a month) but still when he saw me he didn’t take his eyes off me until the train came, i then wrote him a message but no reply, that was 3 months ago.
my friend even texted him like a week ago asking why he doesn’t respond to me but he didn’t reply to her either... At first i was sure that he was into me based on how he was acting twoards me but now i have no idéa


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  • Maybe his girl monitors his Facebook. Or he don't go on. But when a guy stars at a women. It not for no reason he wants you but doesn't want the guilt from have ing a girlfriend

    • So you don’t think he would stare only because he notice me staring at him first?

    • When he caught you staren he that most definitely gave him the hint that you like him. So when he got that clue that's when he started staren back. I'm a man I stare at women constantly and if she gives me a hard stare that I get a good vibe from I talk to her

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