How far does "bros before hos" actually go?

I've just had a situation happen and I wondered how normal this is. I dated this one guy a few years ago for 2 months. Now one of his friends was cute I remember thinking at the time. 5 years later he's looked at me on a dating site. I decide to message - he brings up my ex but says only looking for casual so the ex doesn't need to know.

Anyhow - after a week of talking we go on a date. Conversation flows so well - not realising time etc. We head back to mine for drinks and getting cosy. He kisses me and it's great. It gets heated and we fool around - though no sex. He sleeps over and I drop him home on my way to work the next day.

I don't hear from him that day. Figure I'll give it another day and text him saying thanks for coming over - had a great time etc.

He then hits me with the fact that he thinks it has to be a one off as the fact I'd dated his friend was playing on his mind and he felt weird. The same guy that was perfectly happy sexting and talking about all the stuff he'd like to do to his friend's ex!

So I've accepted it - could be genuine, could be a fob off. I just said no worried and wished him well.

But I want to know - how much would you let it affect things as far as dating or sleeping with a friend's ex? Especially for the guys this one though I'd love female points of view!
Oh and has a situation like this ever happened to you?


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  • depends how serious you were with your ex and how good of a friend he was to him

  • I couldn’t date my friends exes

  • Until nudity.

    • So if you were in the situation I described, you'd go through it and not worry about your friend because naked girl?

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    • It's like being an alcoholic and having someone hand you an open beer... You know you shouldn't and you'll regret it but you can't not do it.

    • Well this guy managed to do some things haha!

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